What if there were no VISA restrictions for anyone to travel to any country, just like birds or animals who do not have the concept of No Man’s Land or Border Restrictions?

I had been pondering on this question for a while now and during my research, I stumbled upon www.passportindex.com, which gives me hope that someday, all the countries will have VISA free access to each other!

What about Passport? Is it even possible to travel without one? 

The answer is HELL NO! Well not exactly, there are ways around, based on diplomatic relationships between two countries. Even “Pets” may require a passport! Don’t believe me? Ok, Read this or this or even this!!!!

I have little or no control over political decisions for VISA free access for humans. However, what I do have is the freedom to make my ideas travel far and wide.

The Concept!

I usually carry a book with me during my travels and it was during one of the days of my deliberate research that I suddenly came up with this silly thought…

How about, once I have finished reading a book, I pass it to another traveller from a different country, ask him/her to read it, write their contact details and forward it another traveller and the chain continues.

Hopefully, whoever reads the book, will send me details on where all the book has travelled with them. I intend to keep a timeline updated for each book that I send out on an adventure around the world. This will help everyone to truly understand the beauty of travelling! 

And maybe, just maybe, whosoever has been a part of the book’s journey, will get to meet somewhere, someday! 

The Book!

Now let me now introduce you to the first book that I have sent out on this absolute adventure. I am highly excited about it because first time only comes once!

The Great Railway Bazaar  by Paul Theroux

Considered a classic by many in the genre of travel writing, The Great Railway Bazaar is a travelogue, first published in 1975 which recounts the author’s journey by train from London through Europe, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, and his return via the Trans-Siberian Railway.

I strongly believe in destiny and looking back I can see how various events fell into place.

From the time that I came up with this idea, this was the first book on Travel that I read. The author talks about his little experiences during his journey, instead of the lame touristy highlights. This, to me, is the essence of travelling.

Secondly, I had just about completed travelling through most of the countries in South East Asia which the author writes about and I was sitting on the Yangon Circular Railway on my second last day in Myanmar when it occurred to me that although I had met a number of travellers, I somehow did not find one who could take the chain forward.

Life is full of surprises! Keep your eyes and ears open as the missing piece in your puzzle may just be beside you…

The missing piece!

I had just come back to the dorm in my hostel, however, had to go down to the reception to get the remote for the AirCon. I didn’t even bother to lock the door or wear my slippers as it was a matter of a minute.

At the reception, I saw a beautiful girl from Austria. We greeted each other with a nonchalant “Hello“, however one thing led to the other and before we knew we sat down for our first meal together.

LIFE TIP: Never say No to a beautiful company and traditional Mohinga soup!

She had just embarked on a ten month Journey around the world (from Europe). Most interestingly, she started her journey with the Trans-Siberian Railway and was now travelling through South East Asia!

That’s the same route taken by the author of The Great Railway Bazaar, however in the opposite direction! I was pleasantly surprised.         

I found the missing piece of the puzzle! Lena!

The Journey without VISA!

I met Lena on the evening of 2nd of January’2018. After our first conversation itself, I knew that I had to pass on the book to her. However, I waited until next morning.

We met for breakfast the next day and she wished me for my birthday. I was leaving for Singapore in few hours, and hence we could make time only for a quick breakfast. Since I had already shared the concept with her,  she was psyched when I wrote a note in the book and passed it to her.

I wished her the best for her travels, requesting her to read the book and pass it to another traveller.  Thus, I sent out my first book on a hopeful world tour without a visa!

The book has travelled with me without VISA to Malaysia, Brunei and Myanmar.

What do you think of the idea? Please let me know in your comments and if you like the concept. Please, please please share this post with as many travellers and readers that you know 

Who knows, we may all get together to meet somewhere, someday!

If  you like to read and travel, do start your own chain and send me an email at thewannabetraveller@gmail.com or upload your pictures to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #booksneednovisa  and #thewannabetraveller 

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